MP Consulting Receivables are one of the leading debt recovery companies in the UK! We specialise in providing large and small debt recovery solutions.

Being paid promptly and fairly for the work you have done is your right. But many businesses still experience the frustration and inconvenience of serious delays or resistance to pay. This can have a knock-on effect within the business.

Through no fault of your own, not being paid on time can lead to unpaid bills, more debt, delayed processes, as well as the stress and inconvenience of being owed money and repeatedly needing to get back in touch.

That’s where a professional debt recovery agency like ours can help. We are here to take the stress and complication out of debt recovery. We manage the process from start to finish through simple, convenient, and official channels.

We can provide competitive and affordable quotes for your needs — including debt recovery, credit control, and more.


MP Consulting Receivables are debt recovery specialists who provide leading debt recovery solutions for a variety of businesses. Through our services you can improve your processes, recover unpaid invoices and more.



If you are owed money and unpaid invoices for your business, you may not have the time to pursue it. You may understandably be more concerned about handling other aspects of your business, and may wish for a company like ours to assist.

You may also be unsure of your rights or the proper channels and processes to use in order to recover your debt. Our decades of experience in the industry means we are the ideal company to assist you. We can remove the frustration of a process that can quickly become complex, time-consuming and stressful.

We are a fully accredited company with years of experience and countless happy clients. You can read their testimonials on our dedicated Testimonials page and see how they have benefitted from our services, and been paid thousands in unpaid invoices.

There are a number of reasons you may choose to use a professional debt recovery business like ours.


We have a simple, comprehensive range of services to assist you. We offer debt chasing and credit control, bookkeeping, credit reports, ledger management, litigation, regular reports, reviews of your practices and processes, and more.

Our debt chasing and litigation services have provided many clients with complete peace of mind — as well as the payments they are rightfully owed. Our professionalism and integrity is respected in the industry as we are firm, but fair.

We are here to ensure that you get what is yours, and only proceed and escalate with your complete agreement. We work with fully qualified and accredited high court sheriffs, bailiffs, and other reputable team members who are working to preserve your best interests.

We can be begin by raising unpaid debts and invoices, proceeding all the way through to litigation and further legal processes if required. Our debt recovery and litigation services are with you every step of the way, intended to guide you through the legal recovery process and ensure that nothing becomes too complex, stressful, or time-consuming for you.
We are also able to offer comprehensive bookkeeping services at a competitive and affordable price. Our bookkeeping services can handle business accounting and tax, VAT, payroll, the production of monthly reports, financial statements, and more.
Whether your business is large or small, bookkeeping and accounting can quickly become overwhelming or intimidating to get right. Our trained professionals are here to assist you with their knowledge, empathy, and flexibility. Stressful accounting will be a thing of the past.



We offer a fully bespoke sales ledger management service, whether your business is large or small. This service can include reviewing your ledger, offering a full credit package that is tailored to you and your business, and also invoices, allocation of monies received, credit checking of potential clients and more.

Keen to ensure that your business is operating at its optimal capacity and efficiency? We can help with this too. We provide a service offering a complete review of your current practices and processes.

With a comprehensive overview of what is working well in your business and where there is room for improvement, we can then strategise together, providing new SOPs (standard operating procedures) that are tailor-made to your business and ensure it is running at its very best.

Finally, we are all about transparency and simplicity. Our reporting service helps you to achieve the same levels of transparency for your business. We offer a wide range of reporting including on Days Sales Outstanding (how long you are waiting to be paid), aged debtors (the ageing of your sales ledger and credit control observations on each client), and more — all on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis!

While action and strategy are undoubtedly important, we believe that the review stage should never be overlooked. It is here that you can make the adjustments and refinements that will really optimise your performance, allowing you to minimise the negative — addressing minor issues before they become a major problem — and maximise the positive!

Whether for debt recovery, small concerns, or a major overhaul in your processes, we can provide the insight and expertise you need to maximise the success of your business.


Working with a reputable debt recovery agent has many benefits.

You can not only recover the money you are rightfully owed, but also gain back your time and peace of mind. Debt recovery can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and we are here to ensure it is as rapid and simple as possible.
Choosing the right debt recovery specialist is an important decision. You must be confident in their ability to handle the matter with professionalism and integrity, as well their knowledge, experience, and expertise in legal matters.
Our delighted clients know that we are an excellent choice. MP Consulting’s senior partner, Pete Robbins, has over 25 years of experience in the industry with a wide variety of businesses and sectors. His prestigious industry accreditations and membership numbers are visible on our home page, and he has been delighted to assist clients in both the UK and abroad.
MP Consulting has selected and developed an outstanding team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals who can represent your best interests in these matters.



We operate on 5 key principles of service that are at the core of our business values, and that our clients have come to trust and rely on. We work hard to honour your trust and faith in us, and we get to work immediately following your instructions.

We know the value of having the time and energy to focus on running your business, without having to be distracted by debt recovery and unpaid invoices. That’s why we developed a system that can handle your receivables from start to finish.

Our principles are trust, experience, hands-on knowledge, providing a competitive service and ensuring you are paid directly. These five principles are based on what we have refined as being key challenges and considerations within our industry. They are designed to give you great service and peace of mind.

Trust is the cornerstone of our business because we know the value of our clients’ trust in us. We are driven to ensure you have the best possible experience and can trust our handling of your case — understanding its nuances, complexities, and importance to you.
We will always work hard to honour the faith and trust you place in us, repaying it with a resolution to your issue that you are delighted with.
Our experiences comes from over 25 years in the industry, and a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals. Our experience also comes from hands-on knowledge and practice, not simply theory. With experience in the UK, Europe and beyond, we have vast knowledge of different markets, industries, and business practices whether large or small.
We are passionate about providing the most competitive and affordable options for our clients — and doing so as transparently as possible. You may require a credit controller for a sustained period, such as a year, just for a one-off issue of a day or a month, or anything in between.


We will always endeavour to provide the most competitive pricing and solutions, and never have any hidden charges or fees. You can contact us to discuss your needs and receive a prompt and reliable quote today.

Finally, we repay your trust in us by ensuring that your client pays you directly first — then you pay us personally. We want to minimise disruption, foster trust, and help to ensure you that receive your money as quickly as possible. This approach has served us, and more importantly our clients, extremely well.

If you are unsure which service might benefit you most or you are unsure where to begin, we would be delighted to discuss with you and assist you. Together we can devise a solution that is ideal for your situation and your business.

Simply get in touch in one of the ways below, and you could soon be discussing your needs with a helpful member of our team.


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Contacting us is quick, easy and takes just minutes to do. We want to ensure that we are reachable on the platform you prefer — which is why you can contact us in a variety of ways.

You can use our rapid online enquiry form that takes just minutes to fill out. Simply leave your name, contact details such as email and telephone number, your company, and a few short details about your enquiry. Once you have submitted this, one of our team members will review your enquiry and endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

You can call our head office and speak to a member of the team directly on 0800 046 4620 or 01604 600001. You can also speak with MP Consulting’s senior partner, Pete Robbins, on 07483 864378.

Email the team on or else write to us at our registered office MP Consulting Receivables Ltd, Thistledown Barn, Holcote Lane, Sywell, Northamptonshire, NN6 0BG.


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We are always delighted to hear from potential customers and clients, and would be delighted to assist you with your debt recovery needs and more. If you are unsure what service you need or the approach that would be best for you and your business, we would be very happy to advise.

Please get in touch with an enquiry and we can provide advice and a quote that is suitable for your circumstances.

In the meantime, why not browse our dedicated page of testimonials? Here you will see the wide variety of business clients that we have assisted — as well as the delight and relief that comes from having stress-free finances.

We are proud to assist a range of businesses from a large variety of industries and sectors. Our services help small clients and freelancers, and have also been used by many larger clients including the NHS, Danone Nutricia, and more.

We are also proud to be recognised by a variety of professional bodies and authorities, including the Chartered Institute of Credit Management, and the Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals.

We are a member of the Northamptonshire Chamber and the Milton Keynes Chamber and can be found on yell.Com. We were also delighted to be awarded a Bark Certificate of Excellence as winners in 2019.


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